Our Values, Mission and Team

  • Our Values

  • What are our Core Values

    Our Core Values are the meaning behind our formation and the purpose for our growth. We live our core values through action, thought and energy. Our products and services are a testament to our core values.

    • Information should be Free.
    • Transparency is good.
    • Everyone's Legal Problem deserves a Solution.
    • Leadership through Action is the best form of Leadership.
    • Always Act with Integrity and Respect for Others.

  • How do we live these Core Values in our everyday lives?

    At NearLaw, we believe, Information should be Free. We want everyone to have access to the information resources through digital media such as the internet (our website), their phones (our upcoming android app) and even by picking up a phone and calling us or messaging us on any of the social platforms.

    Every day, our teams of engineers and data architects strive to provide "open" access to all the data hosted on NearLaw. Access to the law is necessary tool for bringing social justice and correcting inequities in the system. The Rule of Law is strengthened through the ethical reporting of cases and Constitutional Amendments to the Original Statutes. All of our efforts, singularly and collectively are to harness the power of software computing to rectify any information assymetry in the legal system and make information available to every one who needs it or requires it but doesn't know where to look.

    Simply providing the data is not an elegant solution. We need to provide context, depth and meaningful analytics which should be both, accessible and intuitive. At NearLaw, we continuously iterate on emerging technologies and develop proprietary ML/AI (Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence) models to make the data intuitive to access and easy to use.

  • What does Transparency mean in the context of the Legal industry?

    Transparency is sharing of information openly and without bias and acting with an inherent accountability for one's own actions. We have tried our best to ensure that NearLaw is a transparent platform that can share information with Users and Lawyers fairly and equitably.

    We allow all Verified Lawyers who are Registered in their respective jurisdictions to register their AdvocateProfile TM with us. Those Profiles, compliant with BCI Rules, are visible to Public Users to sort, search and find the Right Legal Professional for their particular query or issue.

    Apart from sharing access to our Online Directory, we also share access to our Law Library including eJudgements and ActsRules with Legal Professionals while enabling Public Users with our Law Guides.

    In an effort to be truly transparent, we provide Users an opportunity to Rate and Review their Experience of consulting with Legal professionals, after they've availed of the service. This feedback is an indicative hallmark of our efforts to bring transparency to the practice of law.

  • Our Mission

  • What is Our Mission?

    Our mission consists of:

    • Free Access to Basic Legal Information for All Citizens
    • Ensuring Every Individual's Legal Issue be Heard by a Legal Professional of Their Choice.
    • Leveraging Digital Channel's for connecting Users with Legal Professionals.
    • Enabling access to Legal Professionals for those who can not afford it.
    • Applying technology to develop proprietary solutions for solving all of the above.
  • How do we intend to achieve our Mission?

    As citizens, all of us are responsible for the Laws and the Rule of Law in our country. While our mission goals are ambitious, we intend to achieve these goals with Your help.

    If you are a Lawyer, or Legal Professional, please do sign-up and become a verified Lawyer on the NearLaw platform (web platform and app) and provide your details in your AdvocateProfile TM and you can access eJudgements and ActsRules and even provide your Paid Consultation services directly to Users.

    Once you register as a Legal Professional, please do mention to your Lawyer friends, over email, whatsapp or other digital means, to register and spread the word. We need your support and patronage in fulfilling our stated mission objectives.

    If you are a Public User, you are most welcome to access NearLaw "Find Lawyer" map based search tool and ask Free Questions (which are posted to the entire community at large) which would be made available to Qualified Legal Professionals for them to answer online.

    Once you have benefited through NearLaw, either by reading a helpful Law Guide or by receiving an Answer to a Free Question you posted, please do not forget to share our homepage link with your friends and family for future use.

    • Our Team

    • Our Team

      Our team consists of lawyers, engineers, data architects and online marketers. Each one of the functional experts has made a contribution towards fulfiling our common mission, which is both our passion and inspiration.

      Our team is led by Vick Sahita, IIT Bombay (SJMSOM) alum, who conceptualized and designed the first prototype of the product. For the web platform, Jiren Patel and Deepak Singh are the two Lead Developers (Consultants) who worked tirelessly on the deployment of the platform. We continue to identify and fix any issues and release improvements in the functionality and user experience of our product.

      Our Legal/Editorial team is headed by Lal Sahita LL.B. & Law Reporter (Executive Head of All Maharashtra Law Reporter, Mumbai) and Mrs.Shabnam Aghai LL.M. and other talented individuals, comprising of Advocates/Legal Editors/ Asst. Editors. We are in the process of forming an Advisory Board of Legal Luminaries and Cross-functional Experts, in order to learn and add value from their specific expertise and vast experience.

    • Reach Us Anytime...

    • How do I ask for help?

      You can reach NearLaw Helpline by calling us at 022-33814191

      You can also email us at help@nearlaw.com

      We normally revert back to queries within 48-72 hours, however this depends on the amount of queries received in a given timeframe.